-Pharmacist graduate at Salamanca University (2013)

-Master Research on Pharmacokinetics at Aix -Marseille University (2014)

-Master Research on Immunology at Aix Marseille University (2015)


Previous research interests:

-Master project on LAI with O.Theodoly: Study of T lymphocytes migration and transmigration using microfluidics devices.

– Master project on CRCM (Cancerology research Center Marseille) at P. Zimmerman team: Role of syntenin protein on T Lymphocytes


PhD student

Supervisor: Laurent Limozin Co-supervisor: Philippe Robert

Grant: Ministère de l`Enseignement supérieur et de la recherche  (2015-2018)

PhD Project:–  Physical control of interactions between single domains antibodies (sdAbs) and their target (HER-2) using the Laminar Flow Chamber (LFC)

Our goal is to characterize the effect of forces on rupture bonds and the effect of contact time on bond formation between sdAbs and the tumoral marker HER-2 using the LFC. Then, we will select sdAbs to make bispecific antibodies witch are be able to interact with immune and cancer cells. Finally we will try to correlate interaction behavior of sdAbs with HER-2 with the efficacy of bispecific antibodies performing killing experiments with NK cells and tumor cells.

Expertises: On cell culture, surface treatment, microscopy (Fluorescence, transmission, RICM), LFC, imaging treatment (ImageJ) and data treatment (IgorPro)

Contact: Tel:+33781375268