LAI female power on display: La Marseillaise des Femmes

In an inspiring fashion, the women of LAI showcased exceptional determination and strength by participating in La Marseillaise des Femmes race with the support of INSERM! After 3 months of intensive training, our very own athletes, or “Les Athlètes Improbables” as we like to call them achieved impressive results raising the bar high for the years to come. This event has sparked weekly running sessions the LAI members have been enjoying in the Calanques national park!

LAI celebrates its newest Dr!

On Wednesday, 10th May, Mar successfully defended her Ph.D. project titled “Fast phenotyping of cell mechanics in the inflammatory response” in front of a jury composed of experts in the field: Nils Gauthier, Laura Picas, Jochen Guck, Jean-Luc Pellequer, Réjane Rua and Nathalie Pujol. We are delighted to share the news of her exceptional accomplishment and the invaluable contributions she has made to our lab’s research. Mar Eroles embarked on her Ph.D. journey as a student of the prestigious European ITN Phys2BioMed program to investigate the mechanics of monocytes and macrophages under hyperinflammatory conditions. Congratulations Mar and we can’t wait to see what you achieve next!

LAI @ Les Houches: Immunobiophysics EMBO workshop

After a successful virtual conference in 2021, LAI members Pierre-Henri Peuch and Laurent Limozin took on the challenge of re-organizing the EMBO Workshop on ImmunoBiophysics: From fundamental physics to understanding the immune response. This time, the attendees had the chance to gather in the heart of Haute-Savoie at the Les Houches Physics School!

In addition, our Ph.D. students Marie Dessard, Jana El Husseiny, and Lama Awada presented posters on their projects while Rémy Torro gave a contributed talk for which he won the best talk prize!

For more information and updates on the upcoming organized talks:

Scientific guest at LAI!

We are happy to welcome Ramray Bhat, from IISc Bangalore this week! He is using both experimental and theoretical methods in order to understand how form changes or remains unchanged in physiological and pathological contexts. His research work focuses on cellular reorganization within the contexts of breast and ovarian cancer metastasis. By employing both experimental and theoretical approaches using simulations and bioinformatics, he aims to build experimentally motivated frameworks to understand their multiscale dynamics.
We are starting a collaborative project and are very excited to build new science together!

Ramray Bhat will give a talk entitled Unravelling interactive frameworks of cellular collectives in cancer migration on April, 3rd!

Save the date for the ImmunoBiophysics EMBO workshop!

The EMBO Workshop: ImmunoBiophysics: From fundamental physics to understanding immune response is back with its newest edition! The workshop which is organized by our very own Pierre-Henri Puech and Laurent Limozin boasts an impressive list of speakers in the life sciences, biophysics, and mechanobiology fields.

The registration deadline is 5 March 2023. For more information:

LAI celebrates its newest doctor!

LAI ends the year on a celebratory note with the successful thesis defense of Leda Lacaria! Leda joined LAI as a doc2amu student under the supervision of Felix Rico (LAI) and Loic Le Goff (Institut Fresnel), where she focused on the comparison between benign and malignant breast tumoral cells using atomic force microscopy in force mapping, traction force microscopy, spinning-disk fluorescence microscopy, and polarization-resolved fluorescence microscopy. Luckily, she’ll stay with us for a few months in 2023 before embarking on new scientific adventures so we can enjoy her presence for a while longer! 😄

New Microscopies in Cell Biology

Beatriz Díaz Bello and Rémy Torro participated at the New Microscopies in Cell Biology at Institut Jacques Monod in Paris where they co-presented a talk entitled “A deep learning-based software to measure immune cytotoxicity, in single cells, over time”, a co-presentation that highlights the interdisciplinary pursued at LAI and the constant back and forth between biologists and physicists. The conference was co-organized by Pierre-Henri Puech.

For more information: on December 13th

LAI @ Centuri Scientific Day

Flash talk – DIAZ BELLO Beatriz (LAI): A deep learning-based modular software to locate, track and measure single-cell ADCC over time.

Flash talk – NUÑEZ VIADERO EIDER (LAI): Development of the state of the art technology to monitor protein-folding in real time under physiological conditions.

Flash talk – ROBERT Philippe (LAI): On and off-rates measurements at the single molecular level with laminar flow chamber: a need for new links and linkers.