Molecular Interactions

1varsProteins, lipids, nucleic acids and polysaccharides are the building blocks of life. Their structure and function are better and better described by genetics, biochemistry and structural biology. However, their function occurs through dynamical interactions between two or more molecular species, which need special tools to observe and quantify. In the recent years, a new research field is trying to decipher the dynamical behaviour of single biomolecules during processes like protein (un)folding, protein mobility and aggregation in membranes and protein-ligand interactions.

To better understand biomolecule dynamics, we develop and exploit different techniques for the observation and nanomanipulation of proteins at the single molecule level, including: laminar flow chamber, acoustic force microscopy, optical tweezers, atomic force microscopy (AFM) and high speed AFM.

Our scientific focus of interest is the immune system. Our goal, to spin off biomedical applications from our findings on the dynamical behaviour of single biomolecules of the immune system.