Olivier Théodoly – Short CV

2016 Director of Laboratory “Adhesion & Inflammation”

2015 Research director (DR2) at CNRS

2010 Diploma «Habilitation to Supervise Research» (Aix-Marseilles University)

«Polyelectrolytes, interfaces, and blood microcirculation»

2006-now CNRS Researcher in the Laboratory «Adhésion & Inflammation» (Marseilles, France)
Joined Laboratory of Pr P Bongrand (INSERM, CNRS, University and Hospitals of Marseilles)
@ Interface Physics,Biology and Medecine

2001-2005 CNRS Researcher in the  «Complex Fluids Lab» (NJ, USA)
Joined Laboratory between CNRS, Rhodia Inc., and Princeton University (NJ, USA)
@ Interface Physics,Chemistry and Industry

2000-2001 Post-Doc at UC Berkeley (California, USA)
Laboratory of Pr Clayton Radke, Dpt. of Chemical Engineering, College of Chemistry

 1996-1999 Thesis at the «Collège de France» with C. Williams and V. Bergeron
Laboratory “Physics of Condensed Matter” of Pr Pierre-Gilles de Gennes

1995-1996 Master in «Fluid Physics» (University of Paris 7, France)

1992-1996 ESPCI, Ecole de Physique et Chimie Industrielles (Paris, France)