Pierre-Henri PUECH


CR1 Inserm, HDR, PhD

Mail : pierre-henri.puech@inserm.fr

Education and positions

* Since 2005 : Researcher (CR1 Inserm since 2009) in Inserm U1067 (Adhesion & Inflammation, Marseille, France), Habilitation / HDR (2009) ; head : Pr. P. Bongrand, now O. Théodoly

* Dec. 2003 – dec. 2005 : post doc in Prof. D. J. Muller’s Group (Dresden, Allemagne) – labs : Biotec, TU-Dresden & Max Planck for Cell Biology and Genetics. Developing single cell force spectroscopy with AFM. Application to cell /cell recognnition in immunology, cancer cell biology and development (collab. CP Heinseberg).

* Oct. 2000 – Oct. 2003 : PhD in Biophysics (Univ. Paris VI) in Prof. F. Brochard-Wyart lab : UMR 168 CNRS / Institut Curie (Paris, France). Adhesion and mecanics of giant liposomes (collab. PG de Gennes).

* Oct. 2000 : Engineer from the Ecole Superieure de Physique et de Chimie Industrielle de la ville de Paris (ESPCI, Paris, France )

* Oct. 1999 – June 2000 : Master in Soft Condensed Matter with highest honors (Univ. Paris VI). Adhesion of parasite fungi. Adhesion and rolling of sticky polymeric beads.


Member of Institut Covergence CenTuri, Labex INFORM, SBCF, GDR CellTiss, GDR MecaBio


Research expertise

Soft condensed matter. Biophysics

Biology, especially : cell adhesion and mechanics. Immunology. Cell biology. Developmental biology.

Force measurements on single molecules or single cells using micropipette, biomembrane force probe (BFP) or atomic force microscopy (AFM) -based techniques. Optical microscopy (fluorescence). AFM Imaging

Programming (Labview, IgorPro, Python, R)


Current research interests

(1) T cell recognition, mechanics and signalling (collaborations Dr. L Limozin & P Robert, Inserm U1067, Marseille ; Dr. Y. Hamon, Dr HT He, CIML, Marseille ; K. Sengupta, CINaM, Marseille, Dr. J Husson, LaDHyX Paris, Dr. P. Pierobon, Institut Curie, Paris)

(2) Toxoplasma mechanics and adhesion (collaboration Dr. A Dumètre, Pharmacy Univ, Marseille)

(3) Adhesion and mechanics in cancer (collaboration Prof. L Counillon, TIANP, Nice & Dr. A. Badache, CRCM, Marseille)

(4) Mechanobiology of fibrosis (collaboration with Pr. M. Hautefeuille, UNAM, Mexico-city, Mexico)


Received grants

National : Inserm PhysCancer « H+cancer » 2012 ; ANR JCJC « DissecTion» 2009 (coordinator) ; CNRS Prise de risques 2007 ; ANR JCJC « Adhekon » 2006

International : Human Frontier Science Program (Short term) 2007  (coordinator)


Function in the lab

Responsible for AFM, optical tweezers and micromanipulation/BFP set tups

Responsible for communication (Inserm, CNRS)

Responsible for informatics (Inserm)


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