– Confocal Microscope Zeiss LSM 510, laser bench with 6 excitation lines (2000)

– Total internal Reflection Fluorescence Microscope Zeiss Z1, TIRF 3 Motorized angle, Definite Focus, Laser 3 excitation lines,  Dualview system, Andor EMCCD camera (2005, update 2013)

– 3 fully motorized inverted microscope Zeiss Z1 for fluorescence with CCD or CMOS camera and temperature control

– 1 semi motorized inverted microscope with temperature control, Dual Cam and Andor EMCCD Camera (2009)

– Fast Camera Photron Fastcam DA-4 (2011)


– Protein printer system (Alveole) coupled to a Nikon Eclipse Microscope

Force measurements and micromanipulations

– Atomic Force Microscope JPK Nanowizard I mounted a Zeiss Axiovert 200M microscope with LED illumination

– Biomembrane Force Probe (homemade)

– Micropipette pullers (Kopf, Sutter Instr.) + Microforge (Alcatel)

– Optical Tweezers JPK Nanotracker II, Piezo table, 3W IR laser, Trap Multiplexing (2013)

Flow chamber

– Automated multiplexed flow chamber device with tilt and temperature control (homemade)

– Freezing flow chamber system (homemade)

Surface characterization

– Ellipsometer

Cell culture & biology

– Laminar flow hood, Cell incubator, Centrifuge

– Cell Transfection Amaxa System

– Thermocycler Eppendorf Mastercycler Personal

– Cold room (4°C)

– Private and shared cell culture platforms (PCC ; L2/3)


– Machine tool