In physics :

Coordination of a value unit of Mastère Biomécanique BTI (2012-2016)

Lectures in biophysics :  Biomécanique BTI, Master pro Imagerie (Nice), Master MANE et Master Physique.

In biology :

Lectures in biophysics :  PhD program Labex INFORM/Biotrail, Master recherche Développement/Immunologie AMU, Lecture Course LABEX INFORM.

In medecine :

Lecturing medecine interns on an expert software (Patent n°1000191432), Coordination of a teaching unit at medical school in master « pathologies humaines » et module L3.

@ National et international  :

INSERM “imagerie petit animal” 2016

AFM-Biomed programme FP7 2014

Summer course CNRS on microfluidics (2013 & 2015)

Summer course CNRS on active matter (2016)

International course around the conference PhysCell (2012). This conference was co-organized by lab members (L Limozin, PH Puech)