Migration and guidance in vitro and in vivo

M Biarnes-Pelicot, C Mionnet, P Robert, O Theodoly, D Touchard, MP Valignat. Collaboration with M Bajenof, JP Gorvel, CIML-Marseille; C Hivroz, Inst. Curie-Paris; V Studer, IIN-Bordeaux; Alveole company.

The current projects pursue investigations of crawling and guidance mechanisms of T lymphocytes. A general goal is to compare precise analysis of phenomena in controlled in vitro assays with physiological observations in vivo. Novel biological systems are investigated in collaboration with Marc Bajénof and Jean-Pierre Gorvel from CIML (Marseille)to explore the traffic of T lymphocytes in lymph nodes and in infected tissues (ANR Recrute 2015).