New Doc2AMU PhD Candidate accepted in LAI!

Farah Mustapha (Faculté de Sciences, rafic hariri, Lebanon) was selected by Doc2AMU program for a 3-year PhD funding on “Smart Interrogation of Mechanosensing in T cell Activation” with Pierre-Henri Puech and K.Sengupta (CINaM) as co-advisors. she will join in October the lab. Congratulations !

LAI welcomes Aya Nassereddine as a PhD student

We welcome Aya Nassereddine, from Lebannon. After a master in immunology in Luminy, Aya has started her PhD under the direction of Kheya Sengupta (CINAM) and is now also coadvised by Laurent Limozin in LAI. She is preparing original transparent nanopatterned substrates and use them to study lymphocyte physiology with live microscopy.

Have a great time!

LAI welcomes new trainees!

LAI is happy to welcome its newest trainees!

Master 1 Développement et immunologie : 03/04 – 31/05
→Maddy MESSA
Poly tech Marseille – Génie biologique et biotechnologie : 14/05 – 06/07
→ Quentin FABREGA
→ Guillaume JOUVENNE
→ Tifanie BLEIN
ENSAIA école ingé agroalimentaire (spé bio tech) : 12/03 – 09/09
M2R BC2T- Genome et destin cellulaire : 16/01 – 23/06
→ Petra HATOUM
Microélectronique : 05/04 – 24/06
→ Nejmeddine LAKHAL
We wish you a nice stay in the lab!


AFM Summer School organization @ LAI

AFM Biomed Summer School 2018 is being organized by LAI members
(Nicolas Buzhinsky, Ignacio Casuso, Pierre-Henri Puech, Felix Rico)

The AFM BioMed Summer School offers an introduction to Atomic Force
Microscopy in Life Sciences and Medicine for PhD students, post-docs,
young scientists and core facility technicians/engineers. Lectures in
the morning are complemented by hands-on experiments in the afternoon.
There are about 25 places for students doing hands-on experiments.
Participants are encouraged to send a CV and a motivation letter. AFM
beginners are welcome.

Looking forward to welcome you in Marseille !

website :

LAI member Leda Lacaria joined the summer school “Mechanobiology of polarized cells”

LAI member Leda Lacaria joined the summer school “Mechanobiology of polarized cells” in Physics School in Les Houches, France presenting a poster:  “How αvβ3 and α5β1 integrins influence the mechanical properties of melanoma M21 cells?”

Authors: Leda Lacaria, Wolfgang H. Goldmann, José Luis Alonso, Felix Rico.

She enjoyed both great Mont Blanc landscape and mechanobiology (see pics below)!

Two projects supported by Amidex with LAI leader – December 2017

The project “A biophysical study of leucocytes recruitment and its application to Q fever” has been selected for the Interdisciplinary call.  It is lead by Marie-Pierre Valignat and involves collaboration with the team of Pr J-L. Mège from Assistance Publique Hôpitaux de Marseille.

The project “Selection and application of antibodies under force” has been selected
for the Emergence and Innovation call. It is lead by Laurent Limozin and involves collaboration with the team of Dr P. Chames from Centre de Recherche en Cancérologie de Marseille.

 Many congratulations to all!