A new wave of trainees for spring 2017

4 new trainees start their internship this month in the lab:

  • Petra Hatoum, M2 research, for 6 months with Philippe Robert and Olivier Théodoly.
  • Valentine Seveau, Master 1 in Physics, for 2 months with Marie-Pierre Valignat
  • Florent Curnier, Polytech Marseille, for 2 months with Marie-Pierre Valignat
  • Nicolas Orain, Polytech Marseille, for 2 months with Pierre-Henri Puech and Laurent Limozin.

Labex PhD program, lecture course

LAI participated in a special teaching week dedicated to the introduction of physics and biophysics concepts to the PhD students of Labex INFORM. Microfluidics, cell migration, cell mechanics, image processing and data processing were some of the topics of these courses. We kept on the tracks of Dec. 2015 and Dec. 2014 sessions and got a very good feedback from biology students!

Welcome to our new PhD students Yoon & Alex

This month, Yoon Koo and Alexander Hornung have started their PhD projects.

Yoon comes from Korea. She will be supervised by Anne-Marie Lellouch and Jean-Pierre Gorvel in a Labex inform project involving also Marie-Pierre Valignat and Olivier Theodoly. The goal is to develop study the migration properties of T lymphocytes subpopulation generated by the infection of mice by Bordetella Perrtussis.

Alexander comes from Austria. He will be supervised by Marie-Pierre Valignat and investigate the properties of lymphocyte migration on substrates with different adhesion properties.