LAI welcomes new visiting students!

LAI will have two upcoming visiting students:

Eider Nunez Viadero who comes from the Biofisika institute in Bilbao (Spain).
She will stay for three months, till December 3rd, and do high speed AFM on a potassium channel with Arin Marchesi.

Clotilde Nodet, pharmacy students in her fifth year, will be doing a part-time six month elective until february 28th. She will work on effect of Natalizumab on lymphocyte adhesion and migration with Olivier Théodoly, Marie-Pierre Valignat and Philippe Robert in La Conception.



LAI member Leda Lacaria joined the summer school “Mechanobiology of polarized cells”

LAI member Leda Lacaria joined the summer school “Mechanobiology of polarized cells” in Physics School in Les Houches, France presenting a poster:  “How αvβ3 and α5β1 integrins influence the mechanical properties of melanoma M21 cells?”

Authors: Leda Lacaria, Wolfgang H. Goldmann, José Luis Alonso, Felix Rico.

She enjoyed both great Mont Blanc landscape and mechanobiology (see pics below)!

A new PHD in the lab: Nicolas Garcia Seyda was selected by the DOC2AMU program

Congratulations to Nicolas who successfully passed the selection of the doctoral school of physics and of the DOC2AMU program. He chose the DOC2AMU grant because it fits exactly with his background and taste for interdisciplinarity. The supervision will be shared by O. Théodoly and M. Bajénoff (CIML in collaboration with company ALVEOLE. Nicolas will work on the traffic of lymphocytes in lymph nodes studied by in vitro and in vivo approaches.

Practical courses at LAI for engineer students from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille”

P. Robert, X. Luo and A. Sadoun have welcomed engineer students from ECM for a whole day of experimentation on the methodologies and scientific thematics developed within LAI. They have notably performed experimental training on protein patterning, microscopy with migrating T cells, as well as single molecule force spectroscopy with laminar flow chambers.