Nature Article released with LAI participation

The group of Tam Mignot, with which O. Theodoly has been collaborating for 10 years, is pursuing his leading research activity on the mechanisms of micro-organisms motility. A novel paper in the journal Nature with association of LAI for technical support on microscopy experiments has just been published: “The mechanism of force transmission at bacterial focal adhesion complexes”, Volume: 539, Issue: 7630, Pages: 530, DOI: 10.1038/nature20121, Published: NOV 24 2016.

Labex PhD program, lecture course

LAI participated in a special teaching week dedicated to the introduction of physics and biophysics concepts to the PhD students of Labex INFORM. Microfluidics, cell migration, cell mechanics, image processing and data processing were some of the topics of these courses. We kept on the tracks of Dec. 2015 and Dec. 2014 sessions and got a very good feedback from biology students!

Microfluidics, cell rheology and medical transfer

The long term effort to develop microfluidic tools to probe the rheological properties of circulating leukocytes has allowed getting new insight in the triggering mechanisms of the acute respiratory distress syndrome. This work, performed in a collaboration with Dr Forel and Pr Papazian from AP-HM has been published in Critical Care:  “The leukocyte-stiffening property of plasma in early acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) revealed by a microfluidic single-cell study: the role of cytokines and protection with antibodies”

Critical Care  (2016) 20:8 DOI 10.1186/s13054-015-1157-5

Welcome Marie-Julie

Marie-Julie DEJARDIN is doing her Master 2 internship for 6 months, in the frame of the Nice University Imaging Program. She is financially supported by GDR MIV and will work on imaging APC lamellipods with combined AFM and interferometry under the direction of Pierre-Henri Puech and Laurent Limozin.