LAI welcomes three new PhD students and two trainees!

LAI welcomes Geoffrey Delhaye, Leda Lacaria and Nicolás Garcia Seyda, who will start
their PhD theses in October. Geoffrey will work under the supervision of Olivier Théodoly and Philippe Robert. His PhD project proposes to develop functional substrates by protein printing, for diagnostic purposes in clinical immunology. Geoffrey holds a Master of Chemical Sciences from Mons University in Belgium. His previous research topic was about rat cortical neurons growth in controlled geometry. Leda and Nicolás were both selected by the Doc2Amu program. Leda will study malignat and benign cancer cells, combining atomic force and confocal microscopy to study cell mechanics and the cytoskeleton structure, under the supervision of Felix Rico and Dr. Loic Le Goff (Institute Fresnel). Nicolás, on the other hand, will study naive T cell migration in the lymph node by in vitro techniques and protein printing, under Olivier Theodoly’s and Marc Bajenoff’s (CIML) supervision.

LAI also welcomes Julien Lambert, who will perform an internship of 10 weeks in the lab. He’s preparing a BTS (Brevet de Technicien Superieur) ANABIOTECH diploma in Pontivy and will work under supervision of Martine Pelicot. Omar Ndao, Master student in immunology who did his two-month M1 internship with O. Theodoly and X. Luo, has also returned for another five months training, this time under the supervision of PH Puech and L. Limozin.

LAI wishes a warm welcome to all of them!