Welcome to Florian Dupuy

We welcome Florian Dupuy, our new INSERM engineering assistant. Florian has had extensive experience at the Cochin Insitiute in the parasitology team Biology of Plasmodium Transmission, where he put to use his cellular and molecular biology skills to decipher the plasmodium parasite’s interactions with host cells, a critical step towards finding antimalarial drugs.

Florian will deploy his valued experience in the many projects of LAI for years to come.

A commercial product with Idylle

The collaboration between the LAI (O Theodoly), the team of Tam Mignot (LCB, Marseille), and the team of Guillaume Sudre and David Laurent (IMP, Lyon) patented a process to adhere bacteria on microscope slides in 2018. The patent is now exploited by the company Idylle, and a commercial product is on the market, called “chitozen”.

For more information on the product: https://www.idylle-labs.com/chitozen-by-chitosan

For more information about the collaboration, and the involvement of CNRS: https://www.cnrs.fr/fr/cnrsinfo/idylle-une-nouvelle-voie-de-valorisation-pour-les-outils-de-recherche