The lab has developed an expertise in microfluidics applied to cellular biology since 2006. It is now fully equipped to perform:

-standard lithography (aligner Suss-MJB4, spin-coater, programmable heating plates)

-Soft lithography (with PDMS and NOA resins)

-Glass microfabrication (HF etching, programmable oven for bonding, sandblaster to dig holes)

-Optical microscopy lithography with system PRIMO, Alveole (https://www.alveolelab.com)

Microfluidics has instrumental in the lab to perform pioneering quantitative measurements of single cell rheology, diagnostic assays of acute respiratory distress syndrome, migration assays under flow.

The aligner Suss MJB4 is a common purchase between LAI and Cinam (http://www.cinam.univ-mrs.fr/cinam/) in the clean room Planete (http://www.cinam.univ-mrs.fr/cinam/team/planete/) at luminy campus.