Wet-SEEC technique allows in situ imaging and quantification of substrates topographies at nanoscopic and mesoscopic scale, together with normal optical microscopy imaging. The enhanced optical contrast offered by SEEC technology is attributed to specially designed substrate coatings in which multiple reflections and interferences yield dark background and very high contrast sensitivity to thin surface deposits. The accuracy of the quantification method relies on the use of home-made calibration samples composed of nano-steps fabricated by electron lithography and on the modeling of optical SEEC (Surface enhanced ellipsometric microscopy) data for three different wavelengths.

Wet-SEEC technology  is well suited for studies involving live imaging and characterization of bio-nano-films such as Bacterial slime. When coupled to automated microfluidic system, it allows live, label-free and noninvasive study of molecular interactions at nano, meso and microscale.

wet seec