New PhDs at LAI!

LAI is happy to welcome the new batch of PhDs joining us this year.

Valentine Seveau will be using micro-fluidic techniques and micro-patterning technologies (PRIMO Alveole) to study the guidance of T cell lymphocytes mediated by integrins and cellular adhesion molecules on a substrate, also known as haptotaxis. She’ll be co-directed by Olivier Théodoly and Marie-Pierre Valignat.

Elodie Lafargue will be trying to characterize for the first time the rest structure of voltage-dependent channels at the molecular level as well as the dynamics of electrical signal transduction when opening or closing the transmembrane channel thanks to two novel breakthroughs in High-Speed Atomic Force Microscopy (HS-AFM) technology. Elodie will be supervised by Ignacio Casuso.

Rémy Torro and Lama Awada also joined us through the CENTURI PhD program. Rémy will be co-directed by Laurent Limozin at LAI and Kheya Sengupta at CINAM, he’ll be using reflection interference contrast microscopy (RICM) and deep learning-based techniques, as a systematic approach to perform 3D reconstructions of cell membranes at the interface with substrates. Lama on the other hand, is supervised by Philippe Robert at LAI and Pierre Milpied at CIML and she’ll be trying to characterize the nature of physical cues driving antibody affinity maturation in B cell immune responses using the laminar flow chamber in 2D while simultaneously integrating parallel analysis of transcriptome and antibody genes sequences at single-cell resolution.

Welcome everyone and we wish you a successful journey!