A new PHD in the lab: Nicolas Garcia Seyda was selected by the DOC2AMU program

Congratulations to Nicolas who successfully passed the selection of the doctoral school of physics and of the DOC2AMU program. He chose the DOC2AMU grant because it fits exactly with his background and taste for interdisciplinarity. The supervision will be shared by O. Théodoly and M. Bajénoff (CIML in collaboration with company ALVEOLE. Nicolas will work on the traffic of lymphocytes in lymph nodes studied by in vitro and in vivo approaches.


Practical courses at LAI for engineer students from “Ecole Centrale de Marseille”

P. Robert, X. Luo and A. Sadoun have welcomed engineer students from ECM for a whole day of experimentation on the methodologies and scientific thematics developed within LAI. They have notably performed experimental training on protein patterning, microscopy with migrating T cells, as well as single molecule force spectroscopy with laminar flow chambers.

The 2017 edition of “13 Minutes Jeunes Chercheurs” is a success!

The 2017 edition of ”13 Minutes Jeunes Chercheurs” has successfully taken place at Alcazar on April 26th. This event is co-sponsored by LAI and lab member Xuan Luo is in the organizing committee. The 13 Minutes Jeunes Chercheurs invited 6 speakers from various fields who are at an early stage of their career to talk about their research to a general public. It has widely received positive feedbacks since its inaugural edition in 2016. LAI is proud to partner with the event.

You can find more information at http://treize.lif.univ-mrs.fr/

LAI welcomes N. Garcia Seyda who is joining us for 6 months as Engineer!

Nicolas Garcia Seyda is a biotechnologist from Argentina and he’s joining the lab this February for a period of six months, to work under supervision of M.P. Valignat in a position funded by our entrepreneurial collaborator Nanolane. The main objective will be to test their newly designed N-Lab, a device combining microfluidics with nano-scale staining-free optical imaging. The device is based on the Wet-Surf (SEEC) technology developed in the lab by M.P. Valignat. More information about the technology can be found on the web site http://www.nano-lane.com/